Twerk feat City Girls and Cardi B

The anthem song is back. We have always had the power and are reclaiming it.

The script has finally flipped. For centuries, the shape, color and fullness of black women’s bodies were terrorized as objects to be exploited for profit, or controlled and hidden from sight under the constraints of patriarchy and shame.

In our silos of sisterhood, we are free to be naked without being ogled, free to talk openly about sex and pleasure without restraint, free to be mystic and magic without oppression, and free to shake and twist our bodies provocatively for one another without fear of being attacked or labeled.

Our safe spaces were hidden from the spotlight for generations, until the boldness of our feminine power found its way into popular culture, as the rise of female rap infiltrated the American psyche in the late 80s. MC Lyte, Queen, Lil Kim, Foxy, Trina, Rasheeda, Khia, Nicki Minaj and more defiantly challenged a male dominated industry while debunking stereotypical notions of what it means to be woman. We are the empowered activist and a submissive kitten.

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